“Statutory General Assemblies and Board of...

“Statutory General Assemblies and Board of Directors meetings of international associations in 2020
We are pleased to announce that, at the request of FAIB and other associations, Federal Minister of Justice Mr. Koen Geens is about to publish in the Belgian Official Journal a special decree under the emergency powers of the federal government. This is to solve the issue arising from the legal requirement for associations and companies to hold their General Assemblies and file their company accounts within 6 months of the end of their financial year, that is, for most associations by June 30, while for the moment meetings may not be held during this period of confinement.
We understand the decree will include the following provisions:
General Assembly meetings:
• General Assemblies which were scheduled to be held before 19 April 2020 may be held on the foreseen date either by electronic communications means or in writing. The Board of Directors will be responsible for ensuring that, as usual, members of the association can comment on and discuss the points on the agenda. Members will also retain their right to vote on proposals.
• Alternatively associations may this year postpone the date of their General Assembly up to 10 weeks after the usual limit date: for most associations, this means in practice by 7 September 2020 at the latest. 
Board of Director meetings

It is expected that the decree will also specify that Board of Directors meetings may be held by electronic communications means or in writing and decisions submitted to the Board can be taken subject to unanimous written approval.
We will let you know once the decree has been published in the Belgian Official Journal which we expect shortly.“

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