How does my association deal with a bank in Belgium?

Opening a bank account for an INPA, legal obligations under investment (MiFID) and anti-money laundering legislation (UBO, LEI…)

Is my bank allowed to claim the personal data of my Directors?


What about employing personnel in Belgium

  • My association would like to hire personnel. What are the different contract options? Section 1.2 p.1
  • What is the language to be used by my association in an employment contract? Section 1.4 p.2
  • What are my association’s obligations with respect to working time, holidays, remuneration and fringe benefits? Section 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 p.3
  • Are working rules compulsory in my association? Section 3.2 p.5
  • Is my association allowed to hire foreign employees? Section 3.4 p.5
  • How does my association proceed to terminate an employment contract? Section 4.1, 4.2 p.6-9
  • What to do in case of misconduct by the association’s employees? Section 4.3 p.9
  • When are employees protected against dismissal? Section 4.5 p.10


Want to set up a not-for-profit association in Belgium? Why do I opt for NPA (asbl) versus an INPA (aisbl)


What are the taxes that my non-profit association may have to pay when established in Belgium?


How does my association operate in Belgium from its foreign headquarters without being established in Belgium?


How to proceed to open a point of sales or an administrative branch in Belgium?



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