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  • 2nd Quarter 2018 N°112
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    GDPR finally became reality

    New companies and associations Code-Revolution or evolution for (I)NPAs?

    Impact of the new GDPR on the recruitment and selection process

    R&D opportunity: what you need to know!

    Crisis Communications: what to do when it hits the fan



    2nd Quarter 2018 N°112
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  • 1st Quarter 2018 N°111
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    Economic Law Reform under way

    The future evolution of civil society by 2030, a study by the EESC

    European Association Summit (EAS)

    Strengthened transparency obligations regarding the UBO’s identification: what are the impacts for the non-profit sector?

    Insolvency reform and its impact on associations: what you need to know

    FAIB Benchmark Remuneration within INPAs

    1st Quarter 2018 N°111
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