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FAIB partners up with BRUSSELS EUROPEAN ASSOCIATION FORUM (BEAF) with a special discount for FAIB Members


On 20 November 2020, the BRUSSELS EUROPEAN ASSOCIATION FORUM (BEAF) will become the first face-to-face association community event to take place in Brussels after the imposed measures over the last few months. The event is initiated by ASSOCIATIONWORLD, hosted by Visit.Brussels, and in collaboration with its global partners the Barcelona Convention Bureau, Boardroom, idloom and Curia law firm.
In this context, we are very glad to announce the new collaboration between FAIB and BEAF. This year, and due to the restrictions, BEAF’s primary mission is to serve as a platform for international and European association community based in Brussels and Benelux in order to share recent experience, new insights and best practices.
Danièle Vranken, Secretary General of FAIB, commented: “As the federation of international associations in Belgium, the FAIB is proud to be a collaborative association partner of BEAF ! We believe it is fundamental to bring peers back together again to be able to build new partnerships and find solutions for our associations and organisations together”.
Kai Troll, ASSOCIATIONWORLD President, says: “FAIB has an important role to play in pursuing initiatives to encourage European and international associations to settle and remain in Belgium. And with that comes to foster knowledge exchange amongst those international and European associations based in one of the world’s association hubs, Brussels, the home base of FAIB and ASSOCIATIONWORLD”.
And he concludes: “FAIB has a long history whilst ASSOCIATIONWORLD is a rather young movement established in 2018. It is great to bring together two of the most active association networks to collaborate and to use BEAF to serve the Brussels based international and European association community once more by enabling this knowledge sharing peer-to-peer platform (BEAF) in a time when we need it most to gain orientation.

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